Hood fasteners, custom adhesives, numbers ...

wing mirror
wing mirror wing mirror
Bavettes et gardes-boue
Bavettes et gardes-boue Plaque à gardes-boue, equerres PEHD, bandes PEHD pré-découpées, fixations...
Fixations Target, loquets de portes, attaches capot ressorts, goupilles...
Remorquage et sécurité
Remorquage et sécurité Sangles et anneaux de remorquage, triangles coupe-circuit...
Adhésif Plaques adhésives, numéros de course, noms et prénoms...
Fibre et résine
Fibre et résine Fibre de verre, résine, gel-coat, débulleurs...
Anneau de remorquage
1,74  TTC
Towing ring complies with FFSA and UFOLEP..
Attache capot goupille (la paire)
21,95  TTC
Fastener pin(the pair).
Attache capot ressort (la paire)
10,34  TTC
Sprinf fastener x 2 Complete kit with hardware, brackets and springs. The pair.
Attaches capot Dakar x 2
9,42  TTC
“Dakar” fastener x 2 Steel shaft Ø12.Allows a very solid fixing of the bodywork with support plate and pin.The pair.
Autocollant coupe-circuit
1,16  TTC
To stick to the body to indicate the po- sition of the battery isolator switch. Free on request for orders above50EURorfor any purchase of a bat- tery...
Axe de porte à souder
2,31  TTC
Welding door axle Very convenient to weld on the chassis and your door frames and door axles. Assembled together by a simple pin clips..
Barre de plastique PEHD Ø20 "au mètre"
6,93  TTC From
HDPE Ø20 plastic bar. Plastic bar ideal to make 26 your autocross or sprint car wheel mudflap fastenermountings. Easy to bend with heat gun, perfect...
Bavette garde boue thermoformée avant
28,88  TTC From
wheels fenders in PE thermo- FRONT..
Bidon WD40 multi-usages 5L
68,50  TTC
Multi-purpose of WD-40 container of 5L..
Bombe de peinture gris métal Autosmart 400ml
9,13  TTC From
Professional quality paint spray. Fast drying. Very handy for touching up paint or for painting small items quickly. Available in gloss black and...
Fond de plaque adhésif
1,74  TTC From
Background adhesive Size 30 x 30 cm. Expected in white, yellow, blue, orange. Colour to indicate on the order..
Gant de lustrage
5,72  TTC
Extra soft washing glove Made of fiber, allows for cleaning more efficiently your body work.Very soft..
Grillage galva pour portes/grille avant
20,90  TTC
galvanized wire mesh for door and front grid..
Jeu de 4 ou 2 supports de bavette
26,57  TTC From
PEHD water cutted brackets for our new wheel fenders. Sold by 2 or by 4..
Joint de protection à clipser
3,59  TTC From
Snap-on protection seal
Loquet de porte
16,32  TTC
Spring-loaded door latch..
Nid d'abeille
141,49  TTC
Honeycomb Fabric covered polypro honeycomb. It must be covered by fiberglass, carbon, kevlar layering above/below before mounting. Used for mandatory...
Nom du pilote + groupe sanguin adhésif personnalisable (Fluo, Miroir...) (Vendu par paire)
19,53  TTC From
Cut out letters placed under transfer, spe- cified colour when ordering. 100% customisable with choice of font and length(max 580 mm) Rapid manu-...
Nom du pilote + groupe sanguin adhésif personnalisable (Vendu par paire)
11,44  TTC From
Cut out letters placed under transfer, spe- cified colour when ordering. 100% customisable with choice of font and length(max 580 mm).
Numéro adhésif hauteur 150 mm
0,87  TTC From
Race number, height: 150 mm. Directed letter cut out of adhesive vinyl.
Numéro adhésif hauteur 180 mm
0,87  TTC From
Numéro adhésif réalisé en vinyl, ultra-résistant aux
Passe cloison PVC
0,81  TTC From
the PVC bulkhead adapter..
Plaque autocollant adhésif 1m x 0,6m Couleur standard ou fluo
5,59  TTC From
Plate adhesive sticker 1m x 0,6m standard color or fluorescent color..
Plaque de numéro universelle
8,67  TTC From
Universal number plate Laser cut aluminium 1.5 mm. Overall format 225 x 215 mm, provided without adhesive background or number
Plaque de plastique PEHD
11,44  TTC From
HDPE plastic plates..
Pulvérisateur éco 1L
3,96  TTC From
Sprayer 1L..
Sangle souple de remorquage
22,00  TTC
Soft towing strap..
Stickers à l'unité (couleur fluo/miroir)
2,20  TTC From
Lettering cut in vinyl, much more resistant than printing. Personalize with the logos of your favorite brands! Other colors, other sizes on request.
Stickers à l'unité (couleur standard)
1,44  TTC From
Lettering cut in vinyl, much more resistant than printing..
Stickers x6 pour jantes
5,67  TTC From
Stickers for rims x6
Support acier pour garde-boue AR D/G
4,62  TTC From
available the 17/03/2024
To weld, to fix fenders brackets. Steel 25x25x1,5mm..
Support PEHD équerre x1
11,44  TTC From
available within 8 days
PEHD water cutted brackets for fenders. Much more stronger than PEHD Ø20. Size 20x20 cm..
Target attache capot
2,90  TTC
available the 29/03/2024
Target side latch fastener for body parts. Supplied complete with clips, support, and button. Very light..
Tissu polyester Mat
5,00  TTC From
Polyester MAT fabric..
Tissu polyester Roving
5,00  TTC
Polyester Roving en 300g
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