Brake discs

Disque de frein arrière
57,18  TTC From
Rear brake disc..
Disque de frein arrière inox cranté
70,46  TTC From
Notched rear brake disc- Stainless steel..
Disque de frein avant 150 mm
36,84  TTC From
Brake disc Ø150..
Disque de frein avant 170 mm - 3 trous
46,43  TTC From
Front brake disc 170mm- 3 holes..
Disque de frein flottant Ø190
153,62  TTC
Floating brake disc Ø190 high quality, adapted for our aluminium wheel hubs..
Disque de frein Ø190 mm
53,90  TTC
available the 30/06/2024
Brake disc Ø190 mm..
Disque de frein tôle bleue pont SADEV
80,15  TTC From
Brake disc blue sheet for SADEV bridge..
Kit complet 2 moyeux alu + 2 disques de frein prêt à souder
333,10  TTC From
Machined from solid alu hub, thickness 60 mm with Ø60 rim shoulder, 4 x 100 distance. Made for our stainless steel brake discs below(M8 3 hole...
Loctite 243
9,24  TTC From
Loctite 243..
Support de disque de frein aluminium pour SM2T
113,65  TTC From
Aluminium brake disc mounting. this support is to fix the brake disc directly on the tripo trainer..
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