Batteries, lights, plastic collars, connectors, lights, circuit breakers ...

Afficheur de rapport engagé grande taille
149,00  TTC From
Gear indicator display, big size(72mm).
Afficheur de rapport engagé STARLANE ENGEAR
114,35  TTC
STARTLANE ENGEAR Gear indicator display..
Ampoule 12V - 21W
1,10  TTC
12 volt bulb, 21 Watts..
Autocollant coupe-circuit
1,16  TTC
To stick to the body to indicate the po- sition of the battery isolator switch. Free on request for orders above50EURorfor any purchase of a bat- tery...
Bac à batterie
6,93  TTC From
Steel laser cut bended. Ready to be welded on your chasis or fixed with nuts.
Batterie 12N14-3A standard + acide
39,27  TTC
Battery 12V 14A amps to electrolyte liquid. Full pack supplied with the exact amount of acid.
Batterie 12N18-3A standard + acide
72,66  TTC
Battery 12V 18A amps to electrolyte liquid. Full pack supplied with the exact amount of acid..
Batterie BS BATTERIE BSLI 10/12
264,50  TTC From
BS BATTERY batteries lithium LIFEPO4, BSLI10 is enough for most of crosscars needs, BSLI12 is recommanded for..
Batterie gel Odyssey PC680
183,65  TTC
Odyssey PC680 battery The reference out of batteries dedicated to the competi- tion and the extreme sports. ODYSSEY batteries are competition...
Boîtier porte-fusible
3,59  TTC From
Fuse holder unit Very convenient to set up your fuses in the electrical harness..
Bouton poussoir étanche métallique
7,05  TTC
available within 8 days
Metal push button. Vital for start up. Interior/external use, body in steel, delivered with waterproof cap..
Bouton poussoir étanche plastique
3,59  TTC
Plastic push button Interior/external use, body plastic, connection by screw, 20 A, delivered with tight rubber cap..
Cable électrique souple
0,41  TTC From
Idéal pour la réalisation des faisceaux électriques
Cache-bornes batterie (la paire)
0,69  TTC
The pair(1 red, 1 black) Very practical to insulate your lugs of batteries type motorcycle(not adapted to the batteries type automobile).
Capuchon aéro pour interrupteur métal
5,49  TTC From
Aircraft type hooded switch. Available in red or imitation carbon..
Capuchon étanche pour interrupteur métal
2,26  TTC
Waterproof hooded switch in flexible rubber, to screw on the switch. Avoid moisture and dust ente- ring the contacts..
Colliers plastique
2,54  TTC From
Plastic collars of type rilsan/ colson Vital toolbox and for the fulfilment of your electric beams! Plastic collars of type Rilsan/Colson, very...
Connecteurs électriques étanches
7,74  TTC From
Waterproof plastic connectors high quality automo- tive type(male/female kit with terminals and joints provided).
Connecteurs électriques standard
4,05  TTC From
Connecteurs plastiques(ensemble mâle/femelle avec cosses fournies),très pratique pour
Cosses électriques
0,18  TTC From
Electric terminals. Standard insulated electrical terminal The colour code indica- tes the opening for the cable:•0.5- 1.5 mm2 for the red...
Cosses électriques grosse section
2,13  TTC From
Ideal for large cable connections(battery cables, circuit breakers, etc..)
Coupe-circuit 2 poles
7,62  TTC
Circuit breaker 2-pole..
Coupe-circuit 2 poles qualité supérieure
27,38  TTC
Circuit breaker 2-pole, superior quality..
Coupe-circuit 2 pôles rond
19,64  TTC
available within 8 days
Circuit breaker 2-pole round..
Coupe-circuit 4 poles QS
53,48  TTC
Circuit breaker 4-pole, superior quality..
Coupe-circuit 6 poles
26,22  TTC
Circuit breaker 6-pole..
Coupe-circuit mécanique 4 pôles acier
112,98  TTC
Circuit bracker steel 4-pole..
Feu à led JOKON Ø 95
29,57  TTC
available within 8 days
JOKON LED Light JOKON German quality light, 36 LEDS(approved by FFSA) overall all 95mm in diameter. Waterproof, low depth, facade bright for perfect...
Feu Rouge 72 leds rectangulaire
45,05  TTC
Red light 72 rectangular LED FIA approved,red light LED with intense beam, housed in a waterproof plastic enclosure. Consisting 72 red LEDs of 5mm...
Feu Stop ou Anticrash 21W-12V
12,47  TTC
Light bulb Red light bulb(12V- 21W not supplied) Size 80 x 80 mm. UFOLEP authorised..
Gaine expansible tissée
2,66  TTC From
Expandable woven sheath..
Gaine isolation
13,06  TTC From
Insulation gain to protect your fuel hoses, brake hoses or c..
Gaine thermorétractable
1,10  TTC From
Heat-shrink sleeve Operating temperature range- 55 ° C to + 105 ° C Shrink temperature 90 °C. colour: black Satin..
Interrupteur métallique
3,82  TTC From
Switch Operation ON/ OFF, ON/OFF/ON& led connection to terminals, 25A
Platine porte-feux JOKON (3 ou 4 feux)
15,48  TTC From
Led lights stainless bracket for lights JOKON(3 or 4 lights).
Ruban isolant adhésif
1,28  TTC From
Adhesive insulation tape, width 19mm. Color: black or red..
Support cable durite à visser blanc
0,41  TTC
cable holder hose screw white
Support cable/durite à coller noir 19x19 mm
0,64  TTC
support cable/hose to stick 19x19mm black..
Support cable/durite à visser Ø 8 int
0,41  TTC
cable holder/ screw hose Ø 8 internal
Support cable/gaine à coller alu 11x16mm
0,29  TTC
aluminum cable holder/ glue
Tirette pour coupe-circuit
7,16  TTC
Pull back. Mandatory to work the battery isolator switch from exterior when it is..
Voyant lumineux 12V pour tableau de bord Ø16 mm
1,56  TTC From
Indicator light Ø16. Allows mounting at request its dashboard Ø16mm Available in blue, red, green, orange. Drilling diameter 12.5 mm..
Voyant lumineux à led 12V diam20
2,66  TTC From
Indicator light Ø20. Allows mounting on request to its dashboard. Drilling diameter 20 mm.
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