Additif MO COOL 500ml pour liquide de refroidissement
20,99  TTC
Reduces the temperature of the cooling circuit of 10-15 ° C. Reduces the surface ten- sion of coolant, promotes the ow of coo- lant for better heat...
Bouchon de vase d'expansion
29,92  TTC
Expansion tank cap cap for cooling system To allow the release of pressure of the expansion vessel before opening the circuit. is mounted with a chute...
Bouchon radiateur austin mini seul
10,40  TTC
AUSTIN MINI radiator cap..
Colliers Serflex INOX
1,05  TTC From
Stainless steel jubilee clips. Stainless steel collar to full band for more of strength and a regular hose clamp on the hose..
Coude silicone circuit de refroidissement 135° Ø25
23,10  TTC
Coude silicone circuit de refroidissement 135° Ø25. Spécialement prévu pour les circuits de refroidissements. Supporte des températures de +180...
Coude silicone circuit de refroidissement 90° et 45°
13,68  TTC From
Silicone Elbow 90 ° and 45 ° Elbow Fitting to 45° and 90°. At temperatu- resof+180°Cto-40°C..
Durite inox annelée flexible
13,45  TTC From
Flexible stainless tube for water..
Durite silicone circuit de refroidissement
3,12  TTC From
Straight hoses, length 1 m. At temperatures of + 180 ° C to-40 ° C..
Fixation pour ventilateur SPAL
4,51  TTC From
SPAL fan support SPAL special, is clipped onto the fan housing, allowing a fast and efficient implementation. Sold by the unit, a fan requires 4...
Gaine de ventilation
21,48  TTC From
Ventilation duct“boa” Sheath out of glass covered neoprene with spiral steel fabric. Use-55°Cto+150°C.Greatflexibi- lity.Very convenient for...
Goulotte vase expansion aluminium à souder
22,64  TTC
Aluminium soldering chute. Aluminum chute intended to be welded to the expansion bottle. Is fitted with the radiator cap..
Grille inox protection radiateur
12,71  TTC From
Stainless steel grid radiator protection..
Insert alu à souder
3,59  TTC From
Aluminium insert to be welded for fan thermal switch, purging,.
Liquide de refroidissement MOTUL 1L
5,14  TTC
IGOL cooling liquid- 1L..
Mano de température d'eau VDO
69,88  TTC From
VDO water temperature gauge Having the right information on the temperature of the motor is essential, this is why we chose to offer you a quality...
Radiateur aluminium Austin mini
102,22  TTC
Aluminium radiator Austin Mini model: Austin Mini.Radiator manufacturing 100% aluminium Entry/ exit Ø25 mm, filling cap included. Dimensions long...
Radiateur aluminium symétrique
118,28  TTC From
Symmetrical aluminium radiator 100% custom aluminum manufacturing Austin Mini,ditto beam with right and left version adap- ted to the Sprint Cars....
Réducteur silicone 90° circuit de refroidissement
15,48  TTC From
Réducteur silicone coudé à 90°. Spécialement prévu pour les circuits de
Réducteur silicone circuit de refroidissement droit
11,90  TTC From
Silicone reducer right and 90° Straight fitting and 90° allowing to adapt your diameters of fitment. Supports temperatures of + 180° C to-40° C
Sonde VDO seule
33,26  TTC
VDO probe only..
Support alu ventilateur pour radiateur symétrique
28,77  TTC From
Aluminium house for fan and radiator fitting..
Support de sonde de température
22,64  TTC From
Probe support of aluminium, allows place easily, and where you want,.
Support grille radiateur
21,84  TTC
Support radiator grid..
T de connection d'eau ALU D25/16
15,94  TTC From
T of aluminum water connection..
Thermocontact ventilateur
30,00  TTC From
Fan thermal switch Triggers and stops the fan automatically. Thread 14 x 150.(other threads on request) Exists in:.
Tube alu cintrable au mètre
13,06  TTC From
Bendable aluminum tube, by the meter..
Tube de connection durite d'eau
6,93  TTC From
Tube connection for hose. In aluminium to connect your silicone hose between them. Double groove for a perfect seal..
Ventilateur SPAL Aspirant
80,50  TTC From
SPAL competition fans Choose the best brand of fans for special competition and the cooling of your motor. SPAL is a world-renowned brand in motor...
Ventilateur SPAL Soufflant
75,08  TTC From
SPAL competition fans Choose the best brand of fans for special competition and the cooling of your motor. SPAL is a world-renowned brand in motor...
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