Fibre et résine

Fibre de verre, résine, gel-coat, débulleurs...

Cire de démoulage
29,74  TTC
Mould release wax Essential to wax your mould before applying gelcoat and resin. 500 g jar..
Combinaison étanche jetable
7,51  TTC
disposable waterproof coverall
Débulleur résine
23,79  TTC From
Bubble trap Essential to evacuate air bubbles when applying your resin
Gelcoat blanc
19,40  TTC From
available within 8 days
White standard gelcoat, delivered with a jar of catalyst.,,
Nid d'abeille
141,49  TTC
Honeycomb Fabric covered polypro honeycomb. It must be covered by fiberglass, carbon, kevlar layering above/below before mounting. Used for mandatory...
Résine polyester
13,17  TTC From
Polyester resin Standard ortho pre-accelerated resin, delivered with a jar of catalyst. Please contact us for larger quantities.
Tissu polyester Mat
5,00  TTC From
Polyester MAT fabric..
Tissu polyester Roving
5,00  TTC
Polyester Roving en 300g
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